Please see the "On Location Session Ideas" page for ideas about where to shoot your session.

Wardrobe: Essentially, less is more. Keep it simple. Solid colors are best. Avoid large, bold patterns and bright colors that draw attention away from your face. Darker clothing slims. If at all possible, avoid all white unless we are going to be shooting in a location in which white will be accentuated. Avoid busy patterns and clothing with logos and or branding. Try to steer clear of trendy wardrobe choices and choose classic pieces that will not make your portrait outdated. With cooler weather, consider layering pieces for different pops of color and textures.

Coordinating Wardrobe Choices: Instead of perfectly matching outfits, consider pieces and colors that work well together. Be sure to choose colors that are complimentary (opposites on the color wheel) or analogous (side by side on the color wheel) colors for your clothes and accessories.

Adding Personal Touches: For a personal touch, bring a favorite item or prop to the session (balloons, umbrellas, hat, etc) or personalize with accessories. The details matter and these items can be the glue that brings an outfit together.

Presentation: Think about where you want to use and display your photos. If you have your heart set on using your photos in a red and white Christmas card template or are planning to hang a photo on the blue wall in your living room, then pick colors that will work well in those settings.

Beauty: I want you to accentuate your best features, be sure to remember to accentuate these features when applying make up for our session.
Having Fun: The best accesory you can have is confidence! Feeling and looking your best is the best way to make your photos phenomenal. Make this day a special experience and you will be happier in the long run. Parents, when shooting children, rest assured I am there to capture all of the moments in your family, including the meltdowns. Dont force your children to smile. Let them be in their natural element and I will do my best to capture their innocence and capture the natural smiles.

Direction: I will be more than happy to help direct poses and ideas for our session. If you want specific poses captured, please notify me before the session or the day of and I will do my best to help recreate these ideas. You can also visit my Pinterest page, to view some sample ideas and poses we can re-create.