Preparing for your Boudoir Session

My goal is to make all my boudoir clients feel 100% comfortable! The goal is to create elegant and tasteful images that will last a lifetime. Many clients are anxious about boudoir sessions and I often get asked..."What can I expect and how do I prepare?"

This page is designed to help calm any anxieties about shooting and learn more about what you can do to prepare and how our day will progress.

Your boudoir photography session is most likely a once in a lifetime opportunity, so there are several things that you will want to do in order to properly prepare. These things will make the day much less stressful for you, and will make your photos look effortlessly beautiful.

1. Eat something!! If your session falls in the morning, have a good breakfast beforehand. If it is in the afternoon, have a light lunch. You will need the energy to be able to make it through the session, and you will want to make sure that you do not run out of steam before we finish.

2. Plan to arrive on time. The last thing that you want to stress about on the day of your session is time. Be sure to arrive on time so that you are able to be relaxed before your session. The goal of the session is to create elegant, relaxed, and beautiful photos and if you are overwhelmed or anxious it will show in photographs.

3. Bring a Friend! You will have so much more fun if you have a friend with you! Due to space constraints your friend may not actually be able to be present in the room while we are shooting, but they will have a comfortable place to wait while you are having your session.

4. Wear loose fitting clothing to your session-preferably a button up shirt. Remember that tight clothing can leave marks on your skin that will take time to fade. If you wear loose-fitting clothing to your session we can prevent these marks from forming. Also, a button up shirt ensures that we will not mess up your hair or makeup when you are changing into your chosen outfits. Also, be sure to wear a clear deodorant instead to ensure that no marks will be left on your clothing.

5. Makeup/Hair Services. Feel free to come to our session ready to shoot with hair and makeup already done. If you choose to do your own makeup or to have your makeup done for you, remember that your makeup should be heavy enough to look glamorous and make a statement on its own. I can provide contacts for hair and makeup artists that I currently work with that are willing to perform these services at my studio. Prices upon request.

6. Bring some ideas to your session. A Boudoir Portrait session is about you looking amazing for your someone special. That means that YOU are the director of your session. Your session will flow much more smoothly if you bring some ideas and your expectations to the table. I am available prior to your session for a complimentary consultation to discuss your ideas and to make suggestions. It helps if you bring your outfits to the session and show them to me before we start shooting to determine shooting, posing and lighting options.

7. HAVE FUN! Have an amazing time! Your Boudoir session is intended to be fun. I hope that you will feel comfortable around me and that you will be able to relax and have a great time. Have a glass of champagne, put on some music that really gets you going, and remember that you are beautiful!

How the Boudoir Sessions Works:

All shoots are done at my studio at Smith Mountain Lake in my boudoir suite. I am willing to shoot in client's homes for an additional fee and travel to/from. Contact me for more details about shooting on location. During our session, please arrive on time. Usually boudoir sessions are booked back to back and staying on time is critical in order to maximize our time together. If you are planning on doing your own hair and makeup in studio (either yourself or with a stylist) please mention this when booking to ensure enough time is allotted for your session. We will shoot for the allotted package time. Post processing of images can take anywhere from 2-3 weeks depending on work load. All images are processed in photo editing programs to ensure no blemishes, reduction of cellulite, etc. Images will be posted on a password protected gallery on my site. Once the images are posted, you can log on and choose any package items or purchase items a la carte (prints, albums, etc) directly from my site. Please keep in mind, that all orders are sent to an independent professional lab and orders can take anywhere from 7-10 days or longer once order is placed to actual receipt of product.

Feel free to contact me with any additional questions regarding your session!